Department of Health and Family Welfare

National Malaria Eradication Programme (NMEP)

Meghalaya one of the State in the North Eastern Region is bounded by Assam in the North and sharing an international border with Bangladesh in the West and South. The total area is 22,4298sq km with a population of 2.3 lakhs. The State is divided into seven Administrative Districts out of the seven sanctioned Malaria Units, the two Units are yet to establish and function.

Epidemicgiologically, the State is endemic for Malaria, specially the area along the inter-state and inter-country borders, increase in percentage of Pf Cases is a cause for concern presence of multiple problem such as favourable climatic for mosquito breeding, difficult terrain, jhum cultivation, labour migration etc., further aggregate the Malaria situation in the State.

The main objectives of the Schemes:-

  1. Early detection and Prompt Treatment (EDPT) through Surveillance activities involving Government and Non-Government functionaries.
  2. Identification of all high risk Malaria areas and Epidemic Prone Villages.
  3. Interruption of Malaria Transmission by:-
    1. Two rounds of residual insecticidal spray of D.D.T. 50% in areas with API 2 and above.
    2. Distribution of Insecticide Treated Bednets (ITBN) in high risk in accessible villages.
    3. Training and Workshop on Malaria for all categories and opinion leaders as per schedule and availability of fund.
    4. I.E.C. activities.
    5. Public-Private Partnership Involvement of N.G.O's, F.B.O's, C.B.O's and other Governmental and non-Governmental Sector, Military and Para Military forces in Malaria Control.

Activities and Achievements:-

Early Detection and Prompt treatment :-

  • Gear up of Active and Passive Surveillance at all levels, so as to cover 10% of the total population annually and 1% monthly.
  • Mass blood survey is to be carried out in high risk areas with high fever rate.
  • Presumptive Radical treatment is given in high risk areas in case of outbreak and in Migration and lack of population.
  • Laboratory Services to be made fully operational in all the PHC's of the State.
  • A M Drugs Equipments and insecticided to be supplied in time and accordingly.

The State has 5 (five) malaria Units and 77 Malaria Clinic.

Plan or Non-Plan Allocation - 2006-2007 Rs.53,96,038-/1,70,55,007