Department of Health and Family Welfare

Drugs Section

This section is responsible for enforcing the provisions of following statutes, enacted by Government of India:

  • Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940 and Rules made there under.
  • Drugs and Magic Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954.
  • Drugs(Prices Control) Order, 1995.

Main activities of this section are as under-

  • Inspection for grant or renewal of licenses for the manufacture of allopathic drugs
  • Inspection for grant or renewal of licenses for retail and wholesale of drugs
  • Collection of samples of drugs and cosmetics from manufacturer, seller and pharmacist or from premises of warehouse for test or analysis to check their potency and originality.
  • Inspections and raids with a view to detect offences under the Act specially movement and sale of spurious drugs or cosmetics.
  • Investigations of cases of contraventions under the Act.
  • Inspections of the premises licensed for manufacture and sale of drugs, with a view to ensure that conditions of the licenses are complied with.
  • Launching of prosecutions against persons or firms found contravening the provisions of the Act.
  • Control of prices of drugs under DPCO (Drugs Price Control Order) within the state through Meghalaya State Price Monitoring & Resource Unit Society

For the work relating to Drug Control Organisation in the State of Meghalaya. The following officers have been appoint during 2006-2007.

  • Controlling and Licensing Authority:- Assistant Drugs Controller
  • Senior Inspector of Drugs: 2 to assist the Controlling and Licensing Authority.
  • Inspector of Drugs: 10 The Inspector of Drugs have been appointed in each District and Meghalaya AIDS Control Society within their respective jurisdiction.

Activities and Achievement during 2021-2023

With the introduction of Ease of Doing Business in Meghalaya, online application for Drugs License ( have been implemented throughout the State.

1 Number of Licenses granted 252
2 Number of Licenses Cancelled 65
3 Number of License Suspended Nil
3 Number of Samples drawn/ result thereof 883/456
4 Number of drugs found Not of Standard Quality and action taken there on 32
(Under investigation)
5 Number of spurious drugs detected Nil
6 Number of Prosecution launched and result thereof in respect of offence relating to manufacture and sale of Misbranded, Spurious, and Adulterated Drugs. One manufacturing license suspended on Interstate Administrative action (M/s Neutic Healthcare Pvt Ltd, E-698, DSIIDC, Narela Industrial Area, Delhi-110040
7 Total Number of sale premises 2632
8 Number of Manufacturing license Nil