Department of Health and Family Welfare

National Leprosy Eradication Programme (NLEP)

Functions and Objectives

Meghalaya is a low endemic State and has achieved the goal of Leprosy elimination as a Public health problem, that is, The Prevalence rate (PR)< 1 Case per 10,000 population as on March, 2007. the year 2006-2007 started with 31 Leprosy Cases hand as on 1st April 2006. There are 26 numbers of New cases detected during the year and 19 numbers of cases discharged by the end of March 2007. The numbers of cases on record by the end of March 2007 thus stands at 38 with P.R. of 0.14/10,000 population.


The objective of the programme is to reduce the Leprosy burden in the state. Provision of high quality Leprosy services for all person affected by Leprosy through general Health Care System. Enhance Disability Prevention and Medical Rehabilitation (DPMR) and a lots to strengthen the Monitoring and Supervision Component of the surveillance System.


NLEP: Anti Leprosy Day was observed on 30th Jan 2007 every year. The month of September 2006 was also observed as a Supervision month inrespect of Surveillance works taken up by the District for the detection of New Cases etc. Awareness Campaigns through intensified inter personal Communications were conducted through out the year specially during the month of September - October supervision and monitoring were carried out and also encouraging self reporting system to the Health Centre.

All the Training concerning with the NLEP has been taken up by the District from time to time. The prime objectives of Health Education are to be increased awareness about Leprosy encourage self reporting on appearance of earliest system, Education patients and their families and to dispel antagonism against Leprosy patients. All the Leprosy patients are treated with the Multi-Drug Therapy (MDI) which receive from G.O.I. The report has been prepared every month in prescribed format and submitted to G.O.I.

Plan and Non-Plan Allocation

During 2006-2007, the Approved Allocation for implementation of activities under NLEP was 32.43 lakhs including amount of Rs.6.97 lakhs Against this approved Allocation the G.O.I. release funds for Rs. 17.35 lakhs only an amount of cash Assistance for Rs. 1.00,000 was also released during the year. The unspent balance by the end of March 2007 to as 5.84 lakhs.