Department of Health and Family Welfare

Quality Section

Quality Assurance Section


  1. Chemical Test on raw materials.
  2. Preparation and Standardization of Volumetric Solution.
  3. Documentation of all test perform by Production Unit and Quality Control Unit.
  4. Finalization of approval of Protocols before sending samples to Central Research Institute, Kasauli for testing.
  5. Authorization of all S.O.Ps (Standard Operating Procedures)
  6. In-process checking on Production and Quality Control Unit.
  7. Maintenance of check-lists of all instruments and equipments of all sections.
  8. Self inspection of all Units.
  9. Maintenance of copy of final distribution (supply), complaint or handling procedure.
  10. Maintenance of list of working or non-working equipments.
  11. Approval of Vendor List.
  12. Putting up of order as per requirement and giving to right vendor.
  13. Procurement of certificates from manufacturers for equipments and chemicals.
  14. Testing of sterile vials.

Quality Control Section


  1. Potency Test of Vaccine.
  2. Pyrogen Tests
  3. Alkalinity Test on Glass Vials.