Meghalaya Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science (MIMHANS)

In Government sector Meghalaya Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science (MIMHANS) at Lawmali Pasture hills Shillong delivers the mental Health facilities. The hospital has been recently built as a prototype of National Mental Health and Neurological Science, Banglore. The institute is linked with motorable pitched road. The institute is located in the Pasture Hills Lawmali Shillong about 4km from the Meghalaya Secretariat or about 2km from KJP Synod Hospital It is also accessable on foot from motphran through wahingdoh bridge or from polo bazaar by crossing Ganesh Das Hospital. It is also accessable by the vehicle through Polo Bazar wahingdoh bridge to the institute or from Mawlai side or Mawkhar side to the wahingdoh bridge to the institute. The institute delivers the mental Health services to the people by indoor Hospitalization (Indoor Patient) and Outdoor (OPD) patient services to th new patients and the discharged patients of the institute for follow-up treatments. This functions round the clock and the doctors are present to take care of the patients for the hospitalization of the patients brought by the police or by emergency services.

The institute which is supervised, monitored and helped for speedy recovery by the following staffs.

Organisational Chart of Meghalaya Institute of Mental Health and Neurological Science

There are three number of qualified Psychiatrist for the treatment of Persons with Mental Illness (PWMI) and also to look after the patients in the OPD for the treatment of new PWMI of the follow up treatment for the discharged PWMI and remains on call as per duty roster to attend psychiatric emergency or for emergency hospitalization case. There are two (2) Medical and health Officers to look after the medical problems of the patients. The nursing services of the hospital is look after by the matron of the Hospital assisted by the Sisters and the Staff nurses under whose guidance and supervision the non-medical staffs carry out their duties.

Medicines:- There are sufficient qualities of the medicines like antibiotic, antipyretic, antidepressant, anxiolytics, antidiarroeal, antacid, vitamin and minerals, antipsychotic, antiepileptic etc. which are approved by the Health Department of Government of Menghalaya. They are freely given on the direction of the treating Psychiatrist or Medical and health Officer. These Medicines are free of cost.

Food and Supplementary diets:- each patients are given two square meals with tea breakfast and evening tea snacks under the supervision of the nursing staffs. Every patients is served with non-vegetarian food twice a week.

Food supplement:- Rhe patients who are medicallysick or the patients who cannot eat well, or weak patients are provided with medical diet consisting of bread, butter, eggs and healthy drink.

Linens and Beds:- Each patients are allotted with individual steel bed with side drawer. Each bed has mattress, bedsheets, bedcover, pillow, 2-3 blankets, depending upon the weather condition.

Garments:- The patients are provided with uniforms, undergarments, pullover and chappal for the daily use.

Soap and Toiletries:- the patients are provided with soap for washing their cloathes. The patient can also have the full facilities of hot water for bathing from geezer fitted within bathroom. There is round the clock supply of water in the Institute and water is stored in syntex on the roof.

Portable Water:- The patients use well purified Aqua Guard filtered water for the drinking purpose. The aqua guard are fitted in the dining hall and other places which is easily accessable to patients.

Food preservation:- The perishable items of vegetables, eggs are preserved in the refrigerator.

Laundry Facilities:- The clothes are washed with the use of washing machine and are ironed and used.

Modern Kitchen:- For the cooking purpose the cooking gas (commercial Gas Connection) as well as fire woods are used as and when required.

Communication:- Intercom services connection are fitted in the hospital connecting the Out Patient Services, Indoor Patient Services or Sister and Superintendent or Offices or Duty Room.

Recreational Activities:- All the wards have installation of colour television for the entertainment or recreational activity of the patients of the wards.

Sports and Games:- Carom Board and Dice are being played by the patients. Similarly Ludo, Chinese Checkers, Badminton are also played by the patients under the supervision of ward boys or warderness.

Under Trial prisoners (UTP) Wards:- There is a fortified ward in Male or female ward to keep UTP referred by the Jail Department for the Treatment of Mental Illness.