Department of Health and Family Welfare

Media Section


  1. Prepares Culture Media which are required in the General Laboratory, Tetanus Stage I and II, B.S.Q.C. Section.
  2. Specific Media also prepared when ever required by the Civil Hospital, Ganesh Das Hospital during any outbreak of diseases.
  3. Preparation for commercial production of water for injection is being work out. Equipments for the purpose like Multi Column Distillation Plant to replace the old Unicolumn Distillation Plant as recommended by the Expert Team.

Performance during 2008-2009

Name of Media Period Quantity
Cystine Lactose Electrolyte Deficiency (C.L.E.D). 1st January 2008 to 31st October 2008 58,500 ml
Fluid Thioglycolate Medium   30,000 ml.
Glucose broth (G.B.)   9,000 ml.
M.H.A. (Muller Hinton Agar)   71,000 ml.
Macconkey Agar (M.C)   18,500 ml.
Nutrient Agar Blood   33,140 ml.
Nutrient Agar   1,920 ml.
Nutrient Agar Slope   2,000 ml.
Normal Saline   2,16,750 ml.
Distilled Water   12,55,000 ml.
Throat Swab   950 pieces.
V.R. Media (Venkata Rehman Media)   500 ml.
Buffer Glycerol   500 ml.
S.S. Agar   4,500 ml.
Nutrient Broth   1,750 ml
Citrate Saline   400 ml.
Peptone Water   3,750 ml.
Running of Distillation Unit    (50times) - 4,00,000 ml.
  (i) Glucose Phosphate 300 ml.
  (ii) Malonite Broth 300 ml.
  (iii) Peptone Water 300 ml.
  (iv) Simon Citrate Agar 300 ml.
  (v) Triple Sugar Iron 300 ml.
  (vi) Urea Sugar 300 ml.