Food Testing Laboratory, Pasteur Institute, Shillong

The 'Food testing laboratory, Pasteur Institute, Shillong is a State laboratory which is authorized to analyze water and food samples inorder to determine whether the samples is fit for human consumption. It is located at the premises of the Directorate of Health services (Research etc.,) Pasteur Institute, Shillong. Adjacent to this directorate is 'Ganesh Das hospital, Pasteur Hills, Shillong.

At present, the Food Laboratory comprises of two units:-

  • Microbiology section
  • Chemical section

The Microbiology section analyzes bacteriological contamination of water and food samples brought to the laboratory. This is done to determine the degree of contaminations in drinking water and food items so as to know if the samples are safe and fit for human consumption.

Whereas, Chemical section analyses chemical parameters such as, chloride, sulphate, iron and acidity contents etc., inorder to determine if these elements are present under prescribed limit, else it can harm an individual during consumption.

Technical Officers and Staffs working under the 'State Food Testing Laboratory (Hierarchical representation)

Officers and Technical Staffs Number of posts
1. Food Analyst 1
2. Assistant Food Analyst 1
3. Assistant Analyst 1
4. Chemist 1
5. Assistan Chemist 1
6. Scientific Assistant 1
7. Grade IV staffs [DHS(R)] 1

Total number of Food and Water samples analyze during 2013 - September 2015

(Survey samples and non-legal samples): Post of "Food Analyst" is vacant since 2007

Serial number Type of samples Total number of samples analyze
1 Water sample 2745
2 Food samples 26
3 Outbreak cases (non-legal)
From D.M.H.O's, hospitals, F.S.O.
73 (Bacteriological test)

P.S: For any further information kindly contact the laboratory at the address given below:-


Food and Drugs testing laboratory
Directorate of Health Services (Research etc.,)
Pasteur Institute, Shillong
Meghalaya, India

Public Notice

'Food Laboratory Is Receiving Sample(s) According To The Days And Timing(s) below:

Timing For Receiving Samples : March To September
Monday To Thursday : 10AM to 2PM
Friday: 10AM to 12NOON

*** Number Samples Will Be Received On Saturday, Sunday And Holidays
(Except in case of outbreak samples)

Timing For Receiving Samples : October to February
Monday to Thursday: 10AM to 1PM
Friday: 10am to 12noon

*** Number Samples Will Be Received On Saturday, Sunday and Holidays
(Except in case of outbreak samples)

P.S: For Bacteriological analysis: Kindly collected sterilized bottles for water testing from the laboratory only.

"Any Food samples including water should reach the laboratory within 24-48 hours after collection inorder to avoid further contamination.
(**Fresh samples are advisable.)

Assisstant Food Analyst